Hunt for Haunting Hardcover (or paperback)

Hello again!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Fall is just starting to set in, bringing cooler weather and gorgeous leaves. For this Floridian, that means getting to make up for 18 years of not being able to wear boots, sweaters, and scarves! Yippee! (Note: this is not at all sarcastic, I am one of *those* people who LOVE fall and winter. Remember, 18 years of constant hellish heat.)

Regardless of where I’ve lived, I always celebrate the change of the season and the best holiday by reading books from thriller/suspense/horror genres. I’m always on the lookout for a terrifying or mind-boggling read. Any suggestions out there?

This month I’m reading:

  • It – Stephen King
  • The Child – Fiona Barton
  • A Game for All the Family – Sophie Hannah

Any and all recommendations are much appreciated!

Happy reading!


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