Spice Challenge – Results!

Much like the rest of 2020, my Spice Challenge didn’t go quite as planned. Rather than creating culinary masterpieces (or at least something resembling food) using the 6 designated spices by the end of fall, I managed to use 3: cardamom, licorice salt, and galangal. A score of 50%. Not my best goal achievement but I did end up finding a couple tasty new recipes to add to my rotation! My all-time favorite of the meals was undoubtedly cardamom chicken. It’s fragrant, flavorful, easy, and fast. A winning combination if you ask me. Probably why I’ve made it 3 times in the past month. I used licorice salt (and licorice powder) to make brownies – a fail that devastated me because I absolutely adore black licorice. Galangal was used in a Lombok curry and was also quite delicious.

So there you have it. 50% of my goal was met but I’m going to give myself a D+ for discovering a new favorite meal (cardamom chicken).

Any suggestions what I should make with my remaining ingredients?


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