Just a girl and her furbabies

Hello again! This post isn’t quite as timely as I was originally aiming for but it beats the 6+ months of the last one, so I’m considering it a win. Gotta cut yourself some slack right now with the global pandemic and all. At least that’s my story and I’m sticking to it. Speaking of the plague and the imposed isolation, I’ve been extremely thankful for my furbabies, Binks and Milo. The unconditional love, entertainment of watching their shenanigans, and the fact that they’re the biggest mama’s boys EVER, they make every day better. Honestly, I’d probably be lost without them and/or have gone crazy by now. Don’t get me wrong, they both can be infuriating punks too. A day isn’t finished until they’ve been yelled at a minimum of 5 times each and gotten at least 20 snuggles in. Lately, their favorite thing to do has been hanging out on the patio with me when there’s nice weather. Probably helps that they get high on fresh catnip every time but I choose to believe they just want to hang out with their mom and have a new Neighborhood Watch vantage point.

Is there anything better than snuggles from your little lovebugs when life is obscenely stressful? I think not.

For your enjoyment, here are some pictures of my cuties. Yes, I do realize I am extremely biased. I also wear my Crazy Cat Lady badge with pride.

Purring tummy warmers are the best for reading.
Scratches were the toll for being able to pick out my next book.
My supervisor for the day. Didn’t really help with increasing my productivity.
I think he has a crush on the yoga instructor.

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