Mindless Meandering

My goal of writing more this year has failed miserably. I’d like to blame it on the chaos that is the world right now but honestly, I was slacking way before COVID-19 reared its ugly head. Is it just me or has the pandemic done weird things to your motivation and productivity? It’s been a roller coaster of get ALL the things done and holding down the couch watching every cooking show on Netflix. The never ending boredom has pushed me to try some new things though! Silver lining? So far, I’ve tried my hand at: vanilla extract, jalapeno infused vodka, sauerkraut (which continues to mock my attempts, I’m currently on take 3), container gardening on my super shady patio (5/10 are still alive so I’m doing WAY better than anticipated), and purging quite a few boxes of stuff I’ve accumulated over the years.

Most recently, I’ve decided to try making face masks. Luckily, my mother taught me how to sew in middle school and I’ve tackled some big projects before, so after buying myself a sewing machine, it was like riding a bike! My original goal was to only use materials I purchased at thrift stores so it’s a little less wasteful but after mentioning to my father my next adventure, he helped me sift through my mother’s obscene fabric collection. I went home with quite a haul of “thefted” material but after sending my mom a picture of a mask with her sunflower material and owning up to my crime, she gave me free access to her entire collection. Of course, it helps that she was told she would be getting a surprise in the mail shortly (5 masks to her to wear while working at Lowe’s). So if you need a mask, let me know! I have quite a stack that I want to try selling and posted on Facebook Marketplace a couple days ago to give it a shot. I think masks are going to be around for quite a while so might as well stock up! Plus, it gives me something to do. I’m VERY bored. Please help me occupy myself.

I haven’t decided what my next endeavor should be. Any ideas?


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