Spice Challenge!

A friend of mine does a baking challenge for herself every season – a list of specifics bakes, techniques, and components she needs to use through the given time period. For her challenge this fall, she asked me and another friend for suggestions on herbs/spices to incorporate. My suggestions? Cardamom, saffron, and grains of paradise. Her comeback? That I need to do one of my own with spices (while also adding cardamom to her list). So obviously, challenge was accepted and rules needed to be established. Why not travel the world via delightful new flavors while continuing to read my way around the globe? Not like I’m getting to actually go anywhere these days (thanks, COVID-19).

So without more ado, Fall 2020’s Spice Challenge!

For the record, the items from the list in my pantry right now: cardamom, saffron, kala namak, and licorice salt. Galangal is the new-to-me ingredient to play with. Grains of paradise is one I had in my pantry ages ago, dropped the jar before I could use it (devastatingly), and have been needing to buy a replacement supply but pushing it off.

Any recommendations for uses for these glorious spices?

Let the games begin!


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