DIY Halloween Decorations

With good ol’ quarantine still going strong, my cabin fever has been battling with the desperate need for all things Halloween. My compromise? One trip to the Dollar Store, Target, a local winery, and a thrift store to buy all sorts of goodies to make my own decorations (all while masked of course). Bank account approved and uses up some of the crafting supplies I have accumulated over the years. With a little inspiration from Pinterest and some assistance from Google images, I present my creations!

Wine cork pumpkins!
Materials: wine corks, hot glue gun, fake fall leaves, twine, and paint
Flannel pumpkins!
Materials: foam pumpkins, flannel shirts, twine, cinnamon sticks, and scissors
Skull bouquet!
Materials: plastic skull, assorted fake flowers, foam pieces for flower arrangements, and scissors
*For balancing purposes, I ended up needing to hot glue 2 wine corks to either side of my skull but I think it gives my skull a little extra pizzazz.
Festive wine bottles!
Materials: rinsed bottles (3 wine and 1 maple syrup), paint, and paint brushes
Eyeball bouquet!
Materials: rinsed wine bottle, hot glue gun, paint, paint brushes, fake flowers, and plastic eyeballs

And because I am a crazy cat lady, I obviously needed to include pictures of my boys.

Milo decided I needed very close supervision on this project
Binks decided a nap with *his* Halloween cat blanket was the thing to do.

If you’d like to know how I made anything, let me know!


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