Concoctions in the Kitchen

Anyone else love experimenting in the kitchen? I personally love it! Weird spices and odd ingredients? Bring it on! I’m also one to get sucked down the pinterest rabbit hole with browsing recipes and admiring all the pictures of the tasty food. It was on one of these little adventures that I stumbled upon a nifty little task – making my own vanilla extract. Not a wild and out-of-this-universe thing to do but also not an idea that has ever crossed my mind. So after a quick (read: all day) trip to IKEA for glass bottles and swiping vanilla beans from my mothers’ pantry (I’m not above a little thievery), I pulled my bottle of vodka from the freezer and combined the two. That’s right, just vanilla beans and vodka. Who knew? Certainly not me. The only catch is I’m 5 or so weeks out from getting to try my very low response effort experiment. Here’s hoping I’m patient enough to wait…


PS – please excuse the slightly frosty bottle in my picture,  the vodka really did just come out of my freezer.


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